Outfit of the Day

End of the week & it feels like a comfy tee & jeans kind of day. I had to do some running around the house to find a decent amount of shade. After trying out a few spots, I had to go around to the back yard, which I was dreading because it’s black walnut season. 😰 If you’ve never had to deal with black walnuts, you my friend are lucky. At the beginning of every fall our black walnut tree (it actually might be our neighbors 😓) drops all of it’s black walnuts all over our yard & when ever I’m back there this time of year I’m afraid one will fall on my head or I’ll twist my ankle. As a kid, I had to pick up these things with my brother, sister, & mom by the bucket load (there’s no way to mow the lawn with all these things).  The worst part was that they would turn your palms black from picking them up all afternoon. Okay, okay, I’m done ranting about this darn tree, here’s what I wore.

Vintage necklace, similar rhinestone necklace here, & here/Forever 21 tee, similar graphic tee/Forever 21 black skinny jeans, similar skinny jeans/Forever 21 faux suede loafers


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