2018 New Year’s Resolution

I don’t usually make a New Year’s resolution, but as I’m getting older, I’m realizing I need to work to make healthier decisions, and what better time then starting with the new year!

I’ve never really shared this with people beyond my family and friends, but I had a kidney stone around the age of 22. My diet was likely too high in protein, salt, and sugar. A month or so ago I had some very familiar feeling “kidney pain”. I only had it for two days in a row before it went away, but it made me start to think about my diet. Lately, I’ve been snacking on a lot of potato chips, Cheetos, Oreos, and dark chocolate. Also, I live in the Midwest where meat and potato type of meals are very common, so I’ve always been a big meat eater.

I’ve decided for my New Year’s resolution to cut back on how much salt and sugar I consume, starting with my snacking. I usually like to keep a supply of snacks in my room for easy access because my room is on the second floor and I’m physically disabled, but will be stopping this habit soon (at least when it comes to junk food). I finished my stash of potato chips and Cheetos about a week ago, and plan to substitute my savory snack cravings with either peanut butter toast or avocado toast (both on wheat). Before someone says I could make even healthier options, I’ve decided on this because I know it’s what I’ll be able to manage for now. As for sugary snacks, I still have a bit of Oreos in my room, and thanks to Santa, I have quite a stash of dark chocolate (I know small amounts of dark chocolate can be healthy, but I’m sure I reach for more than I should at one sitting, so I’ll try to cut back to a healthy amount). I’m definitely not throwing any of this out since that would be a waste of money and I think I would upset my dad if I threw a half full container of Oreos away. For now I’ll try to snack on them more slowly, but once they are gone I think I’ll replace my Oreo habit with some flowerless dark chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery. They’re made with stuff like oatmeal and flax seed, so they are definitely healthier then Oreos. Unfortunately, I have to buy them individually wrapped so buying them won’t be as cost effective, but maybe I’ll just have to cut down on my snacking in general.

Since my goal is to just cut back on my salt and sugar intake, I’ll probably end up snacking on these things I’m trying to “give up” during the year, I’m mainly focusing on changing my habits.


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