Nordstrom Shopping Haul

Nordstrom had a triple points weekend at the beginning of the month and I decided to pick up a few things, twice. 


For my first purchase I bought my first BeautyBlender while it was on sale for $17, these BP. medallion tassel earrings, and the BP. ruffle cotton eyelet top. I haven’t used my BeautyBlender yet, but plan to try it soon when I have more time to put on makeup and don’t need to rush out the door. The tassel earrings are definitely a new thing for me, but I love how light they feel and the fact that they don’t get completely covered up by my hair like the rest of my earrings do. Unfortunately, the eyelet top did not look good on me, it was really wide and overwhelmed my short frame even though I bought an xx-small.

Since the eyelet top didn’t work out for me, I decided to make a second purchase while the triple points weekend was still going on and bought a crop t-shirt and the Rebecca Minkoff Sarah top. I got the crop t-shirt in white, size 2. I like that it isn’t as sheer as my old white crop t-shirt from Wet Seal, but I don’t like that it isn’t as soft or as fitted Although, it does fits just like how it’s shown on the model, so that part wasn’t unexpected. It’s not my perfect white tee, but I since my other one is getting old I thought it would be nice to have a back up. I had high hopes for the Rebecca Minkoff top that I bought in an xx-small, but the v-neck was just too low and wide, and something about the proportions of the rest of it just looked off on me.


After the triple points weekend ended and I found out the Rebecca Minkoff top didn’t work out for me either, I decided to grab a few other things that I had my eye on and bought girls gingham shorts, Living Proof volumizing spray, and BP. aviator sunglasses. The website suggested that I sized up in the girls gingham shorts, so I bought a 16. For reverence, I have a 27 inch waist and 31 inch hips and the shorts fit perfectly. I like that they aren’t supper short shorts (and they shouldn’t be anyway because they’re kids shorts). I also like that they’re 50% cotton so they feel very soft and breathable. I don’t have a lot of casual clothes for summer, most of my shorts are kind of dressy, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing these all summer long with a plain black, white, or grey t-shirt. I pretty excited to try out the Living Proof volumizing spray. My hair is curly and very fine, so if I want to leave the house with my hair down I always have to blow-dry it which I know is not the healthiest thing for hair. This spray is meant to be used on dry hair, so I’m hoping to achieve a similar look. I only bought the 3oz size just in case I don’t like it, plus I didn’t want to spend $30 on something I’ve never tried before. I unfortunately was sent the wrong sunglass which really sucks because I was really expected to not have to return this item. Instead of getting the ones linked above in black and gold (I attached a picture since they’ve sold out of this color), I got these BP. sunglasses in black and gold that are really boring in comparison. I’m not sure if they were mislabeled or if someone just decided to send me those instead since mine are sold out, but either way I’m pretty mad. I would rather have gotten an email saying they sold out instead of going through the process of opening the little box the sunglasses where in and finding a different pair.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 4.18.19 PM


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