Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Just incase you missed my instagraming from last night, here’s a re-cap. I went to the coolest New Year’s Eve party I’ve ever been to that had a 1920s theme & wore my Halloween costume from last October (with more comfortable shoes). You can see the Halloween post [HERE].
I brought my mini 8 & posted some instants on my Instagram, @atraceoflace. (Thanks to my friend Carmen for asking a guy she knows from work to let me take a pic of his group in their great costumes, & thanks to Carmen’s boyfriend Sam for taking pics of me & Carmen.)
I also took one sneaky shot of this girls costume from the back with my phone & the picture turned out pretty great.

Black Friday

So I’ve been posting about things I bought before & after Black Friday. But you’re probably wondering if I did any actual shopping on Black Friday. The answer is yes. I shopped a bit of the day away with my mom & sister, but I only ended up buying one thing, a tank with cute lace around the hem from my favorite boutique in town. I feel like the Black Friday sales & other holiday sales have been pretty comparable, at least for me since I didn’t need to buy a tv or computer.

The sad thing about the day was that I was about the only one shopping at my favorite local boutiques Friday morning. I think a lot of people went into the city to shop at the mall. 😦

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