Macarons & More Macarons


The last time I was in the city & bought a “Chocolate Dream” I also bought half a dozen macarons.

The flavors I got where Ice Coffee (purple), Salted Caramel (tan one in the very back), Chocolate (brown one on the very bottom), Candy Bar (Blue), & the February flavor of the month  Chocolate Covered Strawberry (half pink & half chocolate). The for the regulars my favorites are Candy Bar & Salted Caramel.

This was the first time I tried Ice Coffee, so I  also took a picture of it with a bite out of it (first of the smaller pictures). It was okay, I mostly bought it because it had a nice color to it. The flavor of the month was of coarse also new to me & was the best flavor of the month so far (second of the smaller pictures).

The final two pictures are ones I had my mom pick up for me when she was last in the city. They are Chocolate Raspberry & the March flavor of the month Mint Chocolate. The Chocolate Raspberry was better then the Ice Coffee but not as good as my favorite regulars. I wish the Mint Chocolate one was half dipped in chocolate like the last flavor of the month because the chocolate flavor was barley there & the Chocolate Covered Strawberry had the perfect amount of chocolate. Mint chocolate is also my favorite candy so this was extra disappointing because I expected more from the flavor.


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