Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies, the Perfect Last Minute Valentine’s Gift

Still looking for a gift for your Valentine or friend? These adorable and delicious red velvet cheesecake cookies make a great last minute gift, plus there will be plenty leftover for you to keep! (I had all of the ingredients at home so I didn’t have to do extra shopping!) I found the recipe on Pinterest last year and it belongs to blogger Jennifer Meyering.

The first time I made these was for tailgating last fall and I didn’t know how sticky the dough could be, so my first attempt at making these was a mess, but a beautiful mess, here’s why. The way these are supposed to be made is that you are to put the cheesecake mixture inside the cookie dough to make a filling of sorts. Well, because this dough was so sticky, that didn’t happen at all the first time I made them. Instead, the cookies ended up with a cool marbled look, which was also great because I didn’t want to do the white chocolate drizzle, so they still ended up looking cute (I think mine were even cuter than Jennifer’s 😉). I also ate five of them while tailgating. 😋😁

The second time I made these (this time), my mom had the genius idea to spray cooking spray on our hands so we could put these together properly, and it worked! (Thanks Mom!) We did have to reapply the spray every so often, and by the end it was getting a little messy, but that was just fine with me because I wanted some marble ones for this shoot. It was just nice to know that we could make them properly if we wanted to.

If you want to use the white chocolate drizzle, I would suggest making them properly, because ours looked smooth and plain on top from using the spray. If you want marbled cookies, just haphazardly combined the cookie dough and cheesecake as if you are attempting the proper steps, but keeping the cheesecake a bit exposed. Lastly, I ended up making more then two dozen, so you might end up with more then what the recipe says.

Also, this mug is a souvenir from my trip to LA, how cute!


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