Nails of the Week

I tried to go for a more ambitious nail design for my Easter nails. I’ve been wanting to attempt an ombre design like this for a while but thought I should save it for spring or summer when I’d been using brighter colors.

To paint these nails I first painted a white base, then put top coat on my middle two fingers because I knew I wouldn’t be able to once the design was done (it could smear). Once they’re dry I used thin nail tape to create my designs (one hand at a time). Then I used a disposable makeup sponge and painted on dark pink and light pink, one next to the other. Then I carefully sponged on my polish to create a dark to light pink gradient, moving my sponge up and down my nail to lighten and darken the two colors. I did this about two more times to get the coloring I wanted (my light pink takes a few coats). Once that was dry I slowly pulled off the tape. Lastly, I used top coat on the rest of my nails to apply a single gold caviar bead to the base of each nail.


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  2. I love this design! I especially love the pattern you used for your middle finger. It looks beautiful on your nails! Thank you for posting amazing nail blogs. I will definitely have to try this sometime. Please check out my blog. It would really help me.

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