Nails of the Week

I knew my schedule was about to get crazy busy with a new job, so before that started I wanted to take the time to do an interesting geometric negative space manicure.

To start, I used regular old scotch tape to block off the negative space & painted white on my middle fingers, & grey on my ring fingers.
Then painted a white base on my thumb & pinky, & black on my pointer fingers.
Once completely dry, I used tape again to block off where I wanted grey on my middle fingers & black on my ring fingers.
While that dried I worked on drawing on the black & white lines on my thumb, pointer, & pinky fingers using these thin brush bottles from Walmart.
To get a nice thin line you have to get nearly all of the paint off of the brush (especially from a new bottle). I don’t know how many times I redid this pinky. I kept painting the wrong angle or too thick of a line! At least that type of design was easy to redo quickly.
When the negative space design was dry, I painted a thin black line parallel to the grey shapes & stuck on a rhinestone with some top coat.


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