Nails of the Week

I’ve never really done Halloween themed nails and thought since my costume this year involved wearing gloves, I’d take the opportunity to do something more festive instead of worrying about my nails matching my costume.

To paint these black cat French tips, I first used a sheer pink as a base. Then I used the thin wand in this bottle of Kiss nail polish to carefully paint on an oblong shape at the end of my nails, this will be the head. Next I made two triangles side by side to make the ears. You can fill them in if you want, but when I first tried out this manicure my cats ended up looking more like Toothless the dragon from that Disney movie then a black cat, so I switched to making open triangles. Next I used the white thin brush to dot on eyes. If you haven’t had much practice using these brushes yet, maybe practice on a piece of paper before you do this step because you really have to watch how much polish is on your brush. Then using the black thin brush again I removed nearly all of the polish on it and swiped the brush from the middle of the eye to the ears (doesn’t take much!) to complete the eyes.

Deborah Lippmann Baby Love/KISS Nail Art Paints


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