Nails of the Week

I was feeling a little creatively blocked this weekend, then I decided to paint these nails inspired by Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation coming out this Friday. I also decided I’ll be wearing all three of my Taylor Swift tees in my ootds this week because again, creatively blocked. Anyway, I’m looking at it as a fun little challenge. Back to the nails.

I first painted on a white base. Then I cut out some newsprint (have at least 10 finger nail sized sections). I dipped my finger in acetone and placed a piece of newsprint on for a few seconds then carefully pealed it off and used top coat. I repeated this for each nail, and because I wanted an extra messy/jumbled look, I did it again for each nail. If you do do it twice, make sure you have enough unused pieces of newsprint (they can only be used once). Then I used my black polish with a thin brush to paint on Rep on my middle three nails on my left hand, and a “T” and “S” on my right ring and middle fingers (writing the “S” was pretty challenging and I wish I wrote 13 instead of TS). Lastly, I added rhinestones and black caviar beads (using top coat to attach them) to the nails that didn’t have any painted on letters.

I hope this makes sense! Also this is the first time I’ve ever successfully did the newsprint thing on my nails. 😅

Salon Perfect sugar cube/KISS Nail Art Paints (out of stock online, but my Walmart always has them so you might want to check in store)


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