Outfit of the Day

A few months ago I was shopping in town at a chain boutique called Mainstream Boutique and found this adorable shirt for spring. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to wear it. It’s a little long for my short torso, so I decided to do a front tuck. It’s something I’ve thought about doing many times with my shirts, but I never actually committed to the look until this weekend. Having scoliosis can make doing a front tuck a little tricky and if you’re not careful, your shirt can look lopsided. The first time I tried it, it went well, but this time I guess I rushed because it looks a tad asymmetrical. 😅

I always try my best to link the same pieces of clothing I wear to my blog post, but because this shirt is from a boutique I couldn’t link the exact top. I love shopping at the local boutiques in my small town, and having that instant gratification of taking something cute home with me that same day. But, as a blogger, I struggle with this knowing that when it comes to an outfit post, it’s going to provide me with an extra challenge of finding something similar to link.


That being said, while I was searching high and low for this exact shirt online as well as shirts that were similar, I was surprised to find two pieces of clothing from a different brand that used the exact same print! They’re both from Missguided’s petite collection, the first being this lace up crop top that has the cutest bell sleeves, and the second being this petite shirt dress that I think could be worn similarly to my outfit as an over-sized top if you’re not petite. I also found a tie-front shirt from the brand Gypsies and Moondust that I almost thought was the same print too. I found it at Macy’s, for $16.99, and at a store I’ve never heard of called Bebop, for $15.99. Even though it’s only $1 cheeper, I thought I’d include it anyway since the product photos look so much better than the Macy’s ones.

If these three shirts aren’t your style, I also found some other really cute floral blue and white striped shirts. All are under $50 and are linked from least to most expensive.
1. a juniors button up blouse from Macy’s
2. a cool asymmetric top from Forever 21 (runs large)
3. a Forever 21 button up that actually looks like a trendy Hawaiian shirt (seriously you’ve got to see it to believe it, I hate Hawaiian shirts and I think this looks cool)
4. a preppy bell sleeve embroidered top from Nordstrom Rack
5. an off the shoulder crop top from Nordstrom
6. a collarless button up shirt from ASOS

American Eagle denim jacket, similar ASOS Hollister boyfriend denim jacket, & American Eagle painted classic denim jacket/Mainstream Boutique Skies Are Blue floral striped shirt, similar Macy’s Gypsies and Moondust tie-front shirt/Timing white pocket jeggings, similar Forever 21 mid-rise jeans/Forever 21 oxfords, similar DSW Nine West platform oxfords


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