Instagram Hack: Never Miss a Post Again


I’m not sure how many people are aware of this Instagram “hack”, so I thought I would share this trick that helps you see all of the posts in your feed and never miss a post again. By using this hack I’ve never had the problem of missing new posts that many people seem to face.

Here’s how it works:

First try and remember the top picture on your feed from when you last checked Instagram. Example from my feed above. You could even use the like or save buttons to help mark your place.

Then when you check Instagram later, look at the first picture at the top of your feed. Example shown above. Remember it, then pull down on the screen 3-4 times to refresh your feed. This helps the new pictures to settle in their random order (or really the order the algorithm wants to put them in). They will still be in an unchronological order, but once they’ve settled, they will always be in the same unchronological order. The only time this changes is if you don’t refresh your feed enough times in a row.

Now that your feed has refreshed, look for the old picture (picture 1) from when you last checked Instagram. You will find it in your feed next to the second picture I told you to remember. Example shown above. From there you can scroll up and see every new picture posted since the last time you checked Instagram and if you do this every time you check Instagram you will see every picture. I check Instagram several times a day and follow about 80 accounts.  Depending on how many people you follow and how often they post, you might want to check Instagram at least a couple times a day, or else this process will take a while and it will make it even harder to remember the last post you saw.

The accounts in my screen shots are The Lust Listt & Song of Style.


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