Nails of the Week

After using nail stamping in my last manicure, I decided I wanted to use it again but this time I just kept it simple and did a plain nail stamping manicure. I knew I wanted to do a leafy design on a white background, but the only green polish I have is a shimmery polish. Glittery and shimmery polishes don’t work well with nail stamping, but I decided to use it anyway. Because of the fine pieces of glitter I couldn’t get a clean transfer of the design so the lines kind of stop and start like a crayon drawing. It’s not as bad as my first time nail stamping, but it’s definitely not as good as my last attempt.

OPI Alpine Snow/Julep Valerie, similar Priti Devil’s Backbone/Born Pretty floral nail stamping plate (I used the one third to the right on the bottom row)/Born Pretty clear jelly stamper & scraper


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