Nails of the Week

I’m slowly transitioning into my fall wardrobe this month and I wanted to do the same with my nails by combining light and dark colors in a design.

To paint these nails, I first painted dark grey on all of my nails. Then, using nail tape, I blocked off where I would be placing my design. I used three pieces of tape for each hand and did one hand at a time. For the design, I first painted on two of beige, then layered on a sheer darker beige to get the color I wanted. Once dry, I stamped on a design using my stamping kit. I placed white along the side of the design I wanted, scraped the polish across the design once, and quickly & lightly pressed my stamp onto the plate. While looking through the clear stamp, I quickly place the design onto my nail. I repeated this for both nails, then used my white polish with a thin brush to paint a border along the edge of the tape. Once the design was completely dry, I peeled off the tape.

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine polish in Evelyn (sold out online), similar Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine polish in Confession/Born Pretty Gold Nail Art Striping Tape/Butter London Steady On!/Essie Au Natural/Born Pretty floral nail stamping plate (I used the top left design)/Born Pretty clear jelly stamper & scraper/OPI Alpine Snow/KISS Nail Art Paints


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