Top 10 Fashion Purchases of 2018

In 2018 I bought a number of trends I’ve either been thinking about buying, or I’ve been trying to find in my size for a while.

  1. Celine dupe: I have loved the Celine Luggage Tote longer than my 6 1/2 years of blogging, and when I discovered I could buy a dupe for a 100th of the price at Shein, I couldn’t resist.
  2. Chanel dupe: I dreamed of owning a Chanel Boy Bag for almost as long as the Celine, so when I realized I could buy a dupe of that one, I looked for a dupe of this one.
  3. Gucci belt dupe: After a few months into knowing I could find reasonably priced designer dupes online, I went searching for a Gucci belt dupe and found this on Amazon.
  4. Girls jeggings: Don’t laugh, but I’ve been looking for jeggings that actually fit my skinny legs and after years of searching, I found a pair of girls jeggings on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They were less than $20 so I bought them in two colors.
  5. Calvin Klein over the knee boots: While shopping for over the knee boots this past year, I noticed a similar problem and had trouble finding boots that didn’t look saggy around my legs. I eventually found Calvin Klein boots on sale that worked and bought them in both black and grey.
  6. Sam Edelman nude heels: Finding size 4 heels is a long process, and when I couldn’t find a more affordable pair I decided to bite the bullet and buy Sam Edelman’s. They ended up being very comfortable and very worth it.
  7. Straw hat: Straw purses have been a popular trend for a while, though I’ve never been crazy about them. While they’re not for me, I do love hats and thought it would be the perfect time to buy a straw hat.
  8. Gingham dress: By far, the most popular print lately has been gingham and I love it. It’s cute and classic and everything I’m about.
  9. Grey ankle boots: I’ve had black ankle boots for a number of years, and realized last winter that I could use some grey boots as well and picked these up at the Nordstrom sale.
  10. Beret: Berets have been so trendy the past few years and I’m glad I decided the trend. They’re not only cute, but also warm! I haven’t boughten a real winter hat in years and with a long Mid-west winter ahead of me this hat will be more than just an accessory.

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