Outfit of the Day

I bought these Converse and high waisted Levi’s less than a month ago and have been wearing them so much! White shorts have been on my shopping list for a while, but up until this summer I hadn’t given much thought to buying sneakers since high school (and I graduated a decade ago). The last year or so I’ve been thinking if I did buy sneakers it would have to be white Converse, but I still didn’t think it would quite fit into my ultra feminine style.

However, that actually all changed when I bought my white shorts. I’ve been on the hunt for casual white sandals for years now, but just haven’t found a pair that I like. Since buying the shorts though, I realized I need to find some less dressy footwear to go with all of the summer outfits that have been flashing before my eyes as soon as I tried on my new shorts. Then came to the realization that white converse would go with pretty much all of them. Now I’m an ultra girly girl who has bought her first new pair of sneakers in over a decade. 😅

Princess Polly gold dainty star choker, similar Francesca’s star choker/Shein skinny scarf, similar Madewell edge-detail bandana, and Vince Camuto silk scarf/Forever 21 satin cropped cami, similar Princess Polly silk bustier, and Princess Polly crop top/Levi’s 501 original shorts/Converse kid high-tops


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