“I was just totally Clueless” – Cher

I’ve saved my favorite Cher outfit for last. I have always loved how she layered her outfit here – but the silver Mary-Janes and argyle skirt, not so much. I shopped around online for days looking for the perfect sheer blouse and sweater vest. They’re still not quite what I had in mind, but I’m kind of a perfectionist. The vest was more scoop-necked in person, and the shirt looked nicer online, but still, they were the best options available.

The shoot itself was probably the most fun of all the outfit shoots this month. In the scene I tried to recreate, Cher is confused about her feelings towards Josh. So, while shooting I stood around my backyard with a confused expression on my face, looking off in the distance. It was so funny, my mom and I were cracking up.

Forever 21 rings, similar Forever 21 midi & regular ring set/Shein crop fuzzy knit top/Shein lace appliqué sheer blouse/Shein zip side tartan pleated skirt/Shein over the knee socks (run large)/Vince Camuto ankle strap sandal, similar Vince Camuto sandal


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