Outfit of the Day

I bought my first tennis skirt a few weeks ago, and after wearing it around the house for a day I was inspired to buy my first ever sports bra and wear a somewhat sporty look for the blog. I’ve never been the athletic type, and being the girly girl that I am, I’ve never been into the athleisure look for myself. However, finding this super comfy, floaty tennis skirt has shifted my feelings a little. I’m a chronic over-dresser and find it difficult to come up with casual outfit ideas, but I think finding this skirt will help to change things – at least for the summer months.

Aerie Offline OG Washed Scoop Sports Bra/Aerie Offline Nylon Pleated Tennis Skirt, similar Aerie Offline Maggie Ruffle Tennis Skirt/Mia Platform Sandal (wearing size 2)


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