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I’ve been gaining some more followers so I just wanted to let you guys know you can follow me on Instagram for more pictures @atraceoflace  I post outfit & shopping haul sneak peaks along with other random photos.

Outfit of the Day

I’m wearing my leather jacket with a plaid shirt from Wet Seal, my new Mini Bailey Bow Uggs, & a hand-me-down shirt from my sister that I only wanted just so I could wear it with this look.

Outfit of the Day

Remember how I said I didn’t have much on my Christmas list?  Well, I nearly forgot how I’ve been thinking about getting some new Uggs, but have been holding off because they’re so expensive. But then remembered I could ask for them for Christmas! I found the pair I wanted (Mini Bailey Bow boots, now sold out) on sale (only 10%, but it’s something) & got free shipping. My parents were happy & I was happy so it was a done deal.
Anyway, with these Uggs I’m wearing a sweater from Francesca’s, a vest from Tin Missy, necklaces from a local boutique, & an old pair of leggings from AE.

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