Splurge vs. Save: Designer Handbag Dupes & Where to Find Them

I’ve always liked designer handbags, but when it came to shopping for bags that fit my own budget, I never really found too many that I liked as well or felt like “I had to have them”. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I’ve been getting into shopping for designer handbag dupes, and now that I’ve started I wish it was something I thought about doing sooner. Since before I started blogging (about 5 1/2 years ago) I’ve wanted a Celine Luggage Handbag in black, but wasn’t sure if I’d ever find a close enough match until this year. Then a blogger I started following at the beginning of the year posted a similar handbag dupes post with all her dupes being from Shein, and even though it wasn’t a style she had listed in her post, I eventually found the Celine dupe in my search down the rabbit hole that is Shein. (By the way I only recommend buying purses from this site.)


From top to bottom:

SPLURGE: Celine Nano Luggage Bag, $2,700 | SAVE: Shein Zip Front Trapezoidal Handbag, $28 (currently on sale for $23)
SPLURGE: Chanel Quilted Caviar Medium Boy Bag, $5,850 | SAVE: Shein Metal Lock Quilted Crossbody, $46 (currently on sale for $23)
SPLURGE: Gaia Ark Bag, $168 (price of the Large size, also comes in Mini, Small, and X-Large) | SAVE: Red Dress Let’s Picnic Japanese Small Bamboo Basket Bag, $69 (waitlist option only); or ETSY LuxurayGalBoutique Limited Edition Bamboo Sticks Clutch, $85 (comes in two colors and two sizes)
SPLURGE: Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Mini Bag, $980 | SAVE: Forever 21 Faux Leather Crossbody Bag, $17.90
SPLURGE: Prada Cahier Small Leather Trunk Crossbody Bag, $2,220 | Save: Shein Patent Leather Buckle Bag, $19 (comes in three colors) (Bloggers note: If they come out with one that isn’t patent leather I’m so buying it!)


From top to bottom:

SPLURGE: Chloe Medium Nile Bracelet Bag, $1,790 | SAVE: Red Dress Linked To You Purse, $32 (comes in two colors)
SPLURGE: Chloe Drew Mini Leather Crossbody Bag, $1,650 | SAVE: Express Turnlock Crossbody Bag, $39.90 (comes in three colors)
SPLURGE: Chloe Small Pixie Double Handle Bag, $1,550 | SAVE: Red Dress I’ve Got It Purse, $32 (comes in two colors)
SPLURGE: Chloe Faye Small Leather Shoulder Bag, $1,390 | SAVE: Express Moda Luxe Carlotta Crossbody Bag, $65 (comes in two colors)

All dupes were selected from stores that I trust. The first two Shein dupes are ones that I own myself and would recommend, I’ve worn them here, here, and here. The other stores are either recognizable or have been recommended by other bloggers that I trust. I wanted to use a variety of stores for my list of dupes to show that you can actually find a designer dupe anywhere, and sometimes you might not even realize your favorite store sells designer dupes.


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