ASOS Shopping Haul

I’ve been looking all over for size 4 shoes that I could wear to a wedding & I finally found two pairs at ASOS! In October I’ll be a bridesmaid for the first time & the sandals the bride picked out didn’t come in my size (which I knew would be extremely unlikely). But the beading on these little white sandals is vary similar to the beading on the other ones. It also comes in three other colors, black, nude, & silver.

When looking at my summery shoes, I also thought it would be great to get some summery black heels since I have a few weddings to go to this summer. Now I’m technically a size kids 2 1/2 & I know there is no way I’d every find a good heel appropriate for a soon to be 25 year old in the kids department, but since I was able to find a size 4 sandal I thought I should look at their heels & I’m soo glad I did! These faux suede heels are just what I had in mind. They’ll look good with skinny jeans, & dresses!

For one of the weddings I’m going to I’d like to wear my pink beaded Free People dress I posted a couple of months ago. The thing is, the cheeper Free People dresses are notorious for not coming with slips & tend to be completely sheer. Some young women like to wear these with a tank & shorts to festivals but I know the dress I have in mind has a lot more potential if it only had a slip. However, I kept running into a problem when searching for a slip for my dress. It has a square neckline & all of the slips I had found had rounded necklines which I just know wouldn’t look right. Well, after having such great luck with shoes at ASOS, I decided to try my luck at finding a slip. What I found wasn’t technically a slip but a slip dress meant to be worn by itself. It was the best & only thing I could find that would work. I’m just glad it works so well with the dress! It’s also a nice staple that my wardrobe was otherwise lacking so I know I’ll keep it for years to come.

Lastly, I picked out a set of flash tattoos. It’s a festival style that I really like (even though there aren’t a lot of festivals where I live) & I wanted to buy some that could fit on my fingers & maybe incorporate them into a few nail post this summer.


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