Nails of the Week

I decided to try stone marble nails this week. I definitely need more practice but I think they turned out pretty good for my first try.

To paint these nails, first use white as a base.
Then take a small amount of plastic wrap & wad it up so you have a crinkly side to paint black polish on. Online I read that you need to dab that on paper then apply to the nail but I dab on my nail then wiped it off right after. I was hopping the pigment would fade less & it did.
For the last step I put a few drops of gold polish in a little cup of water (room temp is said to be best but I found that slightly warm water worked best for me). Then spray this with an alcohol based liquid. I don’t use hair spray (which is what most use) but I found that perfume works well. If you’re using hair spray, don’t spray to close because this could blast the polish & water out of the cup.
This should break up the polish in fine lines (& blotchy spots). Place your nail (or nails in if you’re feeling more confident or want to use less polish) on the best looking area. Slightly lift away from the water & let dry for a few seconds. Then use a tooth pick to collect the excess polish (the alcohol based spray should make this easy to collect).
If you don’t quite get the results you hoped for, you could use top coat to smear your layers together as a last ditch. Just remember there’s no going back, unless you want to do the process all over again.


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