Nails of the Week

It’s been a while since I used a lot of my thin nail tape for a manicure & when I do, those ones are more challenging. So I decided to come up with something using lots of nail tape.

I started by painting three coats of white on all but my ring fingers. For my ring fingers I painted two coats of white then one coat of peach.
After they were completely dry, I used nail tape on my ring fingers to create a large triangle shape that made up the outer boarder of my design. Then I created an X shape to put on top of that, & finally cut two smaller pieces that would divide the white stripes. I painted one coat of gold glitter on the top & bottom of the X & one coat of white on the sides.
For the pinky & pointer, I used two pieces of tape each to create a narrow triangle, placed them on, & painted with the gold glitter.
For the middle finger I did the top & bottom triangle shapes at separate times to make it easier. I used four pieces of tape to create each shape, & carefully painted gold glitter.
For the thumb I did something similar to the middle finger but only did one triangle shape.


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