I Went to T.J.Maxx You Guys!


Earlier this week I went to the city to visit my grandma & ended up going shopping. I tried to have some restraint because I just shopped the NSale. Luckily all but one of these items was from T.J.Maxx.

Before I talk about the T.J.Maxx stuff, I’ll start with the necklace that I got from a little boutique downtown because I need to get something off my chest. So, I’ve been looking for a layered necklace for a while & thought this was cute enough for fall. After I payed for it the lady at register informs me that all their jewelry are final sale items. After I payed for it. I think this is at least the third time this has happened to me this summer, like all the sudden this is happening to me left & right with no warning. Am I the only one who’s felt blindsided by this move recently?

Okay, now that I’ve said what I need to lets move on to a much happier subject, T.J.Maxx. I found this tee (which looks pretty good with the necklace) that I thought would be good for layering in the fall. I went up to the register thinking okay I didn’t do too much damage. Then on my way to the register I see a little shelf full of Essie nail polish & at half price! The first is a lavender (not sure why it looks blue in the picture) called St. Lucia Lilac, the next is a shimmery muted pink called Au Natural, & the last is a burgundy called Shearling Darling. Still left thinking I didn’t do too much damage but also left with three bottles of Essie!


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