Eras Outfits: Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

With the second era, not only does our outfit inspiration come from the Fearless album artwork, but also from Taylor’s first headlining tour, so we have a few very iconic outfits to work with. Don’t get me wrong, of course there will still be plenty of sparkly dresses and cowboy boots, but with warmer tones and a nod to her love of elasticated flower headbands. The color palette for this era is mostly gold, off-white, and bronze. As always, the outfits will be listed from least to most expensive.

Taylor Swift//Fearless//Speak Now//Red//1989/


For a simple Fearless era outfit, let’s take inspiration from the romantic red gown Taylor wear’s during the first half of her performance of Love Story. This little red corset mini invokes a similar style. Pair it with these gold western boots to have a similar color palette to the gown.

Corset Mini Dress//Dark Gold Western Boots


I felt I had to include a white sun dress because, if you remember the album booklet page for “Hey Stephen”, Taylor is shown dancing on a bed in a white sun dress and for some reason that page sticks out in my memory most. So, I found this fun, twirly looking white dress and paired it with some western boots that have white contrast stitching to help tie the two together.

Tiered Mini Dress//Contrast Stitch Western Boots


As promised, here we have our first sparkly dress and cowboy boot option. I found this sleek sequin gold dress and paired it with some subtly patterned boots to keep it up-scale.

Cowl Neck Mini Dress//Patterned Cowboy Boots


During the Fearless tour when Taylor sings “Love Story” she wears a red and gold renaissance style dress for the first half of the song and I found a red dress that has a similar style in a much more re-wearable option. With it, I paired some slouchy knee high boots that were very in style around the time the album was released, as well as a headband for an extra pop of gold.

Leaf Design Headband//Embroidered Long Sleeve Mini Tea Dress//Ruched Knee High Boots


Here we have another outfit inspired by “Love Story”, though not from the tour preformance where Taylor reveals a white dress under her red renaissance style dress. This romantic dress lends its inspiration from the music video. I’ve paired it with another pair of knee high boots because that was kind of Taylor’s thing at the time, as well as this hair accessory set that kind of reminds me of the elasticated flower headbands she use to wear.

Hair Rings & Hair Clip//Corset Pleated Satin Mini Dress//Knee High Checkerboard Boots


Taking inspiration from Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’s sepia tone cover, I’ve included a bronze dress. Paired with some more traditional cowboy boots and my top result for a flower headband. Not quite the style I was looking for, but I guess thin elastic headbands are too out of style now. 🙄

Floral & Pearl Design Headband//Fringe Mini Dress//Knee High Cowboy Boots


During Taylor’s emotional performance of “Forever & Always” she wore a sequin red dress and black knee high boots, so I found the closest match I could and paired it with some simple black cowboy boots.

Embellished Fringe Mini Dress//Heeled Cowboy Boots


Taking inspiration from another tour outfit, Taylor wore a chunky silver sequined fringe dress and I thought this This chunky sequin dress invoked a similar style. With it, I paired some rhinestone incrusted cowboy boots that absolutely look like they’d be Taylor Swift approved.

Sequin Slip Mini Dress//Rhinestone Cowboy Boots


Another tour outfit I’d like to take inspiration from is a sparkly black and silver fringe dress. I found this beaded black fringe dress that I think would look so killer with these mirrored silver and black cowboy boots.

Beaded Fringe Mini Dress//Mirrored Knee Hight Cowboy Boots


Taking inspiration once again from the chunky silver sequined fringe dress, I found quite the show-stopping final Fearless era look in this fringe sequin mini dress. Once again we’re adding these mirrored silver and black cowboy boots to a look because they are too cool.

Fringe Sequin Shift Mini Dress//Mirrored Knee Hight Cowboy Boots


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