Nails of the Week


It took me a while to get these nails right because the pink I wanted to use was way too sheer to get a nice opaque color. Unfortunately that color was the pale pink I got in the Deborah Lippmann set from the Nsale (pictured far left in the box). I’m hoping that since all the other colors are darker they won’t be near as sheer (especially since this is suppose to be a good brand!). I ended up using a combo of white, the Essie nude color from this post, & this pink pictured here.

I started with one coat of white, then two coats of the nude, & one coat of pink on top. When I did this, I made sure to spread them out during the day so my nails wouldn’t get bubbly. Once that was dry, I used a thick coat of top coat to apply all of the gems & caviar beads. I came up with this manicure idea by combining a handful of different ideas posted on pinterest.


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