Eras Outfits: evermore

Our ninth era is evermore, it is also the sister album to folklore since they were released the same year as each other. Musically, they have similar themes, and their photoshoots have a similar feel as well. However, evermore still has some distinct differences we can take inspiration from. With this album we see a return of deep, rich colors such as rust, green, yellow, and brown, while still having a great deal of black & white as well. As always, the outfits will be listed from least to most expensive.

Taylor Swift//Fearless//Speak Now//Red//1989/


For our first evermore outfit we’ll take inspiration from plaid, and the warm tones used, but mostly the lyrics “I come back stronger than a 90’s trend” in the song “Willow”. When I saw this plaid print mesh 90’s dress, I thought to myself that it really sums up the changes we see in this era in a really simple way. Once again with this era we’ll be keeping the styling very simple, so I’ve just paired the dress with some vintage looking heels.

90’s Mini Dress//Block Heels


Taylor’s performance look for the Grammy’s during this era was a long sleeved dark blue dress with a gold metallic floral design. I found this long sleeve maxi dress that invokes a very similar look, and, since Taylor is barefoot during this performance, I decided to pair it with these comfy looking velvet ballet flats.

Floral Maxi Dress//Bow Ballet Flats


With this next look we’ll be taking inspiration from the lyric video for “gold rush”. In it we see flowing gold fabric used as the background, and I found a dress made up of identical looking fabric with a silhouette of a high neck and long sleeves befitting of this era. Keeping to our simple, subtly vintage styling, I’m using these vintage looking heels again with this outfit. 

Tie Back Swing Dress//Block Heels


Taking inspiration from one of the costumes Taylor wears in the “willow” music video, a vintage lace dress, I found a lace dress with a similar vintage feel. Taylor also wears a beautiful pearl and floral headband with the look, so I found a pearl headband to pair with our dress. Complete the look with some vintage sling backs and your all set.

Pearl Double Row Headband//Lace Trim Midi Slip Dress//Bow Sling Back Heels


Taking more inspiration from the “willow” music video (and honestly I’ll be referring to it a lot with these outfits because it has such great visuals), we have a witchy outfit inspired by the witchy vibes in this video. This dress with its impossibly dramatic cape sleeves has such a cool witchy look to it that I think would also be fun to dance around in at a concert. Paired with it, I have some heeled lace-up boots that always give me witchy vibes.

Cape Sleeve Mini Dress//6 Inch Lace-Up Boots


For another witchy “willow” music video outfit we have a vintage looking mini dress with what is supposed to be a beach cover-up layered over it, but I think in this context it gives witch cloak vibes. I have to reuse these lace-up boots again with this look because, again, witch vibes.

Lace Maxi Kimono//Vintage High Neck Mini Dress//6 Inch Lace-Up Boots


Of course I had to include a more wearable version of the look Taylor wear’s on the album cover. To replace the main piece of clothing of this look, the warm navy and orange plaid coat, we have check shirt in the same color scheme. In the various photos of this look, you can see Taylor is wearing a green turtleneck under the coat, so I’ve layered a high neck crop top under for a similar, but much less warm version for our look. Complete this evermore album cover look with some high waist black jeans and simple brown chelsea boots. 

Check Shirt//High Neck Crop Top//Petite High Rise Skinny Jeans//Leather Chelsea Boots


Going back to the Grammy’s performance look, I found this elegant mock-neck maxi dress that also harkens back to her “cabin in the woods performance”. Pair with these navy ballet flats also.

Floral Embellished Maxi Dress//Bow Ballet Flats


Taking direct inspiration from the “willow” music video, we have an outfit inspired by the witchy, green velvet cloaked Taylor seen in this video. Under her cloak, she wears a rust colored dress with a brown corset style top. Now, bear with me, when I say I’m pairing this velvet wrap maxi dress (made for tall people, I know) worn loosely tied around as a cloak over this corset and midi skirt combo. Complete this look with the lace-up boots, and I truly believe you’ll have a convincing willow witch look made up of easily re-wearable separates.

Velvet Wrap Maxi Dress//Corset Top//Plisse Midi Skirt//6 Inch Lace-Up Boots


For our final evermore look we will be referring to the witchy look in the “willow” music video again. Taking inspiration from the green velvet cloak, I found this flow-y, floral embellished velvet dress in such a beautiful shade of green for our show-stopping look. Obviously pair with the lace-up boots to complete your glamified, richly clothed “willow” witch look.

Floral Embellished Velvet Midi Dress//6 Inch Lace-Up Boots


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