Outfit of the Day: 90’s Costume Party

On Saturday I went to a 90’s party at one of my favorite bars downtown. The party was complete with a Nintendo 64, 90’s music, & a costume contest.
I knew what I wanted to wear immediately, but wasn’t sure about my hair & makeup, so I spent Friday afternoon doing research. With my thin, curly hair I didn’t feel like I had many options for grunge hairdos, so I stuck with high pigtails using tiny green rubber bands because, as I said, I have thin hair. For makeup I did a matte face by using matte primer then powder, smudged black eyeliner, & matte brick red lipgloss. Red vampy nails were big for the grunge look, so to up my nail game I decided to do a dark red to black gradient with a matte top coat, since matte face makeup was so big.

To top off my night, I won the costume contest! My look was pretty spot on but what really seemed to cinch it was my FujiFilm instant camera. Everybody loved the “Polaroid”. Pictured below on the right, my dad & I doing a sort of runway walk that ended with us getting our picture taken with my instant camera, & me after I won.

Hope this gives you all some Halloween inspiration, it’s definitely go me in the fall mood!

Homemade choker/Wet Seal tee, similar white tee/Charlotte Russe floral dress, similar floral dress here & here/Wet Seat red flannel, similar red flannel/Forever 21 knee socks/Wet Seal combat boots, similar combat boots


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