Nails of the Week

It took me a bit longer then I thought to come up with a nail design that was halfway decent. I tried to do a water color technique, actually I tried a handful of water color techniques, but none of them turned out at all like they did in the pictures. Eventually, I decided to use a technique that is used in making marble nails.

To do these nails I first painted a base of Deborah Lippmann’s She Wolf.
Then I took some plastic, crumpled it up, & painted on Essie’s St. Lucia Lilac. I then stamped on the polish until I had the desired amount.
I repeated this step with Salon Perfect’s Georgia Peach, & Essie’s Au Natural.
I repeated one or two of these colors a second time to get the right amount of pink & lavender muddledness.
Lastly, I quickly ran a top coat over the nails, intentionally smearing the colors. All to try & get a sort of water color effect that I was going for.


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