Outfit of the Day

One of my favorite old downtown restaurants – I might be older then the restaurant so maybe not that old – added a roof top bar this fall & I finally got a chance to see it. I imagined taking outfit pictures up there while it was still warm enough. So, when I remembered I had a $10 off coupon that expires at the end of the month, I thought this week was my chance.

This addition has no elevator & I’m a bit physically disabled, so I had to take my time going up the 30 some steps. The good news is eventually a dorky chair lift will be installed. 😓 But I guess that’s better then nothing.

Anyway, it was a little windy & because I took these at noon I had to deal with harsh overhead light, but this was the only time I had to take these pictures so I’ll take it over no post at all.

Faux Prada bag from a vintage shop/Faux leather sleeved jacket, similar anorak jacket/Francesca’s necklace, similar crystal-stone necklace/Vintage Willows striped top/AE skinny jeans, similar skinny jeans/Forever 21 faux suede loafers


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