Eras Outfits: Reputation

With the sixth era, we see the most drastic change in Taylor’s look that has not been seen in any of the other nine eras. She has swapped the preppy looks from the previous two eras for edgy and brooding looks and wears dresses with more unconventional silhouettes. Reputation’s color palette is mostly black and white, with silver and gold, and some pops of color such as red and green. As always, the outfits will be listed from least to most expensive.

Taylor Swift//Fearless//Speak Now//Red//1989/


For a simple Reputation era outfit, let’s take inspiration from the album cover as well as the snake ring Taylor wore at the time. There is a newspaper print motif on half of the album cover, so wearing a newspaper print dress will be the easiest way to get your era outfit inspo across. With it, wear the most iconic accessory of the era, a snake ring, and complete your look with a choker necklace and some knee high boots.

Choker Necklace//Silver Snake Ring//Newspaper Print Satin Mini Dress//Platform Boots


For another simple Rep era outfit, just wear a snake print dress. Here I found a red and black one that is perfectly on theme and paired it with some sparkly ankle boots.

Snake Print Midi Dress//Black Rhinestone Ankle Boots


On the Reputation tour Taylor wore a few long sleeved bodysuit looks, some with cut-outs. So, I thought this dress with its detachable gloves invokes a similar look. Simply pair it with some sparkly ankle boots and you’re all set.

Mini Dress with Detachable Gloves//Black Rhinestone Ankle Boots


With this next outfit we’re taking inspiration from both Taylor’s awards show and tour looks worn during this era. This black long sleeved mini heavily embellished in gold and red is the perfect mix of the two. We’re using these sparkly ankle boots again to complete your glam Rep era look.

Embellished Mini Dress//Black Rhinestone Ankle Boots


Taking inspiration from a black and gold jacket with high leg slits, I found this dress with a similar shape in the skirt. I’m using these sparkly ankle boots one last time to complete this dramatic Reputation look.

Petite Mesh Midi Dress//Black Rhinestone Ankle Boots


For another snake print look, I found this cool tank dress and paired it with this choker necklace and some sleek over-the-knee boots.

Choker Necklace//Snake Print Tank Dress//Knitted Over-The-Knee Boots


To invoke a similar look to all of the sparkly black bodysuits worn on the Reputation tour, I found this black corset romper and paired it under this embellished net top. Wear these sleek over-the-knee boots again for your ultra edgy Rep era look.

Embellished Net Top//Corset Detail Romper//Knitted Over-The-Knee Boots


For me, one of Taylor’s most memorable awards show looks during this era is what she wore to the AMA’s – a silver long sleeved mini dress with matching boots. I found a silver sequin dress with the same silhouette and paired it with these oh-so-glamours rhinestone boots as well as this snake ring from earlier.

Silver Snake Ring//Silver Sequin Long Sleeve Mini Dress//Rhinestone Embellished Boots


Taking inspiration from a maxi dress with a high side cut, I found a maxi dress with a very similar asymmetric hem and paired it with these sleek rhinestone sock boots.

High Cut Maxi Dress//Rhinestone Ankle Boots


With the final look from the Rep era, we’re taking inspiration from all of the black and gold tour looks. For this show-stopping look, I found this beautifully embellished shirt dress. I’m pairing it with a gold snake ring, and am once again using these sleek over-the-knee boots to complete the final look.

Crystal Snake Ring//Embellished Shirt Dress//Knitted Over-The-Knee Boots


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