Nails of the Week

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so this week I’ll be showing you some vday inspiration. I haven’t used my Deborah Lippmann set much, so I thought I’d use She Wolf & Chantilly Lace together for my Valentine’s Day nails (I think they’re my favorite two colors).

For this look, I first used three to four coats of Chantilly Lace for my base coat (it so sheer but so worth it đź’•). Once that was totally dry (I waited till the next day), I used clear tape and nail tape to block off the pink areas. (I cut the clear tape with scissors to get clean lines) After cutting a piece of clear tape I looked for the best corner, a 90 degree angle, and placed that corner at the bottom third of my nail. Then used pieces of nail tape to above that to make another 90 degree angle. I made a final check that the tape was pressed down all the way on the edges, then used two coats of She Wolf. Once that was dry I used a top coat to adhere the pearl bows to my ring fingers.

Helpful tip: I pull off the bows whenever I go to sleep or shower. It’s a little less easy to loose them that way.


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