Outfit of the Day

img_5608Wearing a new favorite item that I never thought I’d be able to purchase!

Lets talk about this amazing vest. I’ve been wanting to buy a fur vest for a while, but the ones in my price range (heck even ones above my price range) always looked too cheep or like they were made from a teddy bear. I wanted one that would be more timeless and classy, something that had the potential to be kept forever. Then the perfect after Christmas sale storm happened. While on my Christmas vacation, I asked on Instagram if there where any of these left in my size and if they could hold it. I didn’t get a response after two days, so I asked on Facebook and explained what happened. The store owner, who I’m somewhat aquatinted with, said she would hold it for me until I got back! (This is a big deal because they usually only hold things for one day and it was two.) After my vacation, I caught the last day of a 30% off sale, and finally remembered to use a gift card I got in May from my college graduation party. 😁 After I took the tags off and was ogling at the amount I saved, I saw the name of the vest above the price. “Rabbit Fur Vest” 😮

This left me with some slightly mixed emotions. On one hand I never thought I’d be able to buy real fur, ever, so finding this out was quite a surprise. On the other, I do consider myself an animal lover (if you knew me as a kid you would know how animal obsessed I was). Thinking back on the fur vest trend (that has been more faux fur then not with the bloggers I follow), I was never sure if I had a personal preference toward real or faux fur. When I thought about other items of clothing, I thought “why should this stop me?” I’m pretty sure some of my boots are real suede like these ones, and one day I’d like to own a designer leather bag of some sort (a girl can dream).

Metric Knits vest, same REAL fur Metric Knits vest on Poshmark (don’t know why the brand is different, so buyer beware!), similar FAUX fur ASOS vest (with pockets!)/Forever 21 sweatshirt, similar Forever 21 sweatshirt/AE skinny jeans, similar AE skinny jeans/BCBGeneration Devvin Ankle Boot, similar BCBGeneration ankle boot, & Forever 21 black pointed ankle boots


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