Nails of the Week

I co-hosted a baby shower this weekend for my brother’s girlfriend (which was so much fun!) but had almost no time to do my nails. I decided on this design Thursday night and painted my base of pink and white on Friday before heading out the door to go to the city where the shower was. (I used manicure stickers to created the negative space on my white nails.) I woke up at 6:30am on Saturday morning so I could get dressed and ready with enough time to finish my nails while having coffee. I placed a single straight manicure sticker at the base of each pink nail and used my gold polish with a thin brush and followed the edge of the sticker to make my stripes. Then used top coat to adhere the beads on my white nails. I was only able to get the pearl beads on on Saturday morning, for some reason I was having trouble picking up the gold caviar beads so I added those on Sunday.


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