My NSale Struggles & Purchases

Starting this years NSale was a bit of a struggle for me but it probably was for most of you shopping early access as well since the site wasn’t working properly. Because of the site issues (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was) I thought early Thursday morning I wasn’t allowed early access because I had the Nordstrom Debit card instead of the credit card. I was logged into my account but it didn’t look like accessing the sale was an option for me! Needless to say I was mad because I had signed up for the debit card a few months earlier just to get early access to the sale. Luckily, right before I was about to send an angry tweet later that afternoon I thought, “well might as well check one last time”. THANK. GOODNESS. I didn’t send the angry tweet and I got to shopping. I only had ten minutes to shop before running to an appointment in the city but the main thing I had my eye on – the leather jacket – was still there!

Later that night I made my first purchase, the BLANKNYC Life Changer Moto Jacket in black & the Steve Madden kids Emotion Boot (I’m a size 2 1/2 kids and I got it in a 3 because half size aren’t available). More on the jacket: I bought a similar one a month ago that was big on the NSale last year but returned it because it felt costume-y on me. I like that this one is a little more simplified and I really like that the hardware is gold instead of silver, I’m defiantly more of a gold person.
Once I had this main purchase out of the way, I clicked around some more to see if there was anything else that caught my eye. I found a few things but didn’t want to go too crazy with this sale, I have my eye on a certain Free People dress that I want to buy before fall. Of the things I found I decided to buy the Butter London Cool Classics Patent Shine 10x Nail  Lacquer Set, a great set of neutrals that come with a little black bag that could be used for makeup.
Later that night I realized I completely forgot to use my triple points! Before I went to cancel my order I thankful talked with someone on the site using the chat option and they said no worries 10x the points would be added because of the website malfunction. Thank goodness once again, but… because the 10x points where still available today I bought three more things.
This afternoon I bought the Free People Electric City Pullover Sweater (one of the other items I was thinking about buying before I bought the Butter London set), the Zella Live In High Waist Leggings (a couple of bloggers talked me into them (apparently best leggings ever) on their Insta Stories so these knocked down the other items I was thinking about), & the Hue Windowpane Leggings (I found these when looking for the other leggings and Could. Not. Get. Them. Out. Of. My. Head.)

When buying all of these items I kept telling myself I might not like them when I try them on and there is free shipping and free returns so it’s no problem to send them back. So let’s hope I send back at least two things because wow my wallet is feeling it today. (but I mean 10x points so come on)


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