Nails of the Week

I tried to do something a little more interesting this week with my nails since I’m wearing all black outfits. I’m starting to think when I buy myself new winter clothes I’ll have to venture a little outside of my comfort zone.

Anyway, for these nails I started off with a beige base. Once that was dry, I used a sponge to make a beige to black ombre. This post explains the process of ombre-ing. After the ombre-ing, I used black nail polish that has a thin brush to paint some lines on my nails. After drawing a few lines I realized the polish was getting old, so the design didn’t turn out as nice as I’d hoped.

Butter London Steady On! (from the mini set I bought from the NSale)/OPI Black Onyx/Revlon Matte Top Coat/KISS Nail Art Paints


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