Outfit of the Day

Have you ever had one of those purchases where you buy something online that looks great in the picture, then when you get it and try it on it’s not as cute but you convince yourself its close enough and keep it anyway? This sweatshirt was one of those purchases and I literally realized this during the outfit shoot. I only wore it for one blog post last year (exactly a year from this day actually) and a few other times when I needed something quick to pull on.

When I planned the outfit it looked great in my head, though I admittedly had the online image of it still stuck in my head possibly coloring my vision. Looking at it on me again today I finally realized it’s definitely something I should have returned. It’s weirdly wide at the shoulders and overall a little too boxy for my frame. Obviously the sleeves are long, but sleeves are always a little long on me. What’s really weird is the feel of the material. I don’t know how I would describe it, other than saying it’s not soft like you would want a sweatshirt to be, its just different. It’s also more athletic looking than what I would normal go for so that should have stopped me there too, but no. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of something even when the reality of it and all of it’s short comings is right in front of your face.

Forever 21 sweatshirt, similar Nordstrom Rack Sanctuary ruffle trim sweatshirt/Rue 21 blouse, similar Boohoo peplum hem blouse/Leggings, similar Topshop leggings/Charlotte Russe laser cut booties, similar Franco Sarto fairy boot


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