Nails of the Week

For Christmas I got a nail stamping kit and have been practicing using it this month. Going into it I didn’t realize how muchof learning curve there’d be. When I first tried it out a few weeks ago I wasn’t able to pick anything up on my stamp. Then I decided to watch a few more YouTube videos on it last week and learned I was pressing my stamp down way too hard on my plate. Once I realized that, I was finally able to make some progress on my nails. There was just one more mistake I made after that. Because of the pencil thin design I chose, my silver nail polish doesn’t contrast as well against the light grey like it usually would.

To do these nails, I first painted a light grey base. Once that was completely dry, I began stamping. I placed some silver polish along one side of the design I chose, then quickly used my nail scraper to spread the polish over my chosen design, and lightly rolled my stamper over the polish. Once the design was on my stamp, I quickly stamped it onto my nail. I then cleaned the stamping plate and scraper with 100% acetone and a cotton round while trying to only use the pads of my fingers so the polish on my nails wouldn’t be removed. Then I used a lint roller to clean off the stamper (apparently it’s better than using acetone). Then I repeated this process with every nail. After my nails had quite a few minutes to dry, I used a top coat over the design.

Butter London Sterling/Essie No Place Like Chrome/Born Pretty floral nail stamping plate (I used the top middle image)/Born Pretty clear jelly stamper & scraper


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