Outfit of the Day

I had my eyes on a pearl embellished sweater from H&M that I had been stocking online all through December and some of November, waiting for it to go on sale in my size (original price was $49.99). It either kept selling out of my size too fast when it was on sale, or when I found it in stock in my size, it was back at its original price. By the way, this is the H&M sweater, of course they have the lesser version with the stars on it for like $20 bucks, but not the pearl embellished one.

Anyway, I wanted to open up with this H&M sweater rant because I got a Forever 21 gift card in my stocking for Christmas and used it to buy this pale blue pearl embellished sweater (still available online, link at the end). I think it actually ended up being a better style of sweater for me than the other one for a number of reasons, first of which is that this one is cropped and is 20″ long, the perfect length for my scoliosis (btw, I think I’ll work on a “Scoliosis Styling Tips” post soon). I also like that this sweater has tied bell sleeves 😍, and that it has no shoulder seam which I’d rather have than a dropped shoulder seam (which is what the H&M sweater had). Anyone else really agains dropped shoulder seams like me? I’ve been trying to find a new chunky cardigan for over a year now, but keep seeing these horrible dropped shoulder seams. I don’t like the feel of them and I really don’t like the look 🙅 (was of course going to make an exception for that other sweater but now I don’t have too).


I decided to pair it with my pleated skirt to add more texture and movement to the outfit. Then I decided to wear over the knee socks with this outfit (and my favorite ankle boots of course) because I thought tights would make it look too serious when I’m going for a fun, icy blue wintery outfit.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about how often I feel forced to wear tights in the winter and how they give my outfit too much a serious and dressy look. I really should remind myself to wear over the knee socks more often in the winter, they seem just as warm as wearing basic thin tights. I have a bunch of over the knee socks anyway, plus they’re easier to put on in a hurry, and you don’t have to worry about ripping them, so they don’t need to be replaced as often either. (Okay new winter time rule here, always consider knee socks over tights.)


Forever 21 faux pearl accented top/Free People pleated skirt, similar Boohoo Ria pleated rouche waist mini skirt/Forever 21 over the knee socks, similar ASOS over the knee socks/BCBGeneration Devvin Ankle Boot, similar Lulu’s black suede high heel boots



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