Winter Survival Guide

It can be tough having to stay indoors more in the winter time and if you live in an area where snowy winters can last up to 6 months out of the year, like me, youknow it’s important to keep yourself preoccupied. Especially through the last stretch when it seems like everyone else you see on social media is experiencing spring and you’re doing everything you can to not get cabin fever.

I always seem to get a little bit of cabin fever and start to really crave spring during February. I know it mostly has to do with me wanting to wear spring outfits and trends for Valentine’s Day without the need to bundle up in a winter coat and snow boots (I love dressing up for all holidays). I thought since I feel this way this time of year, it would be a great time to post a winter survival guide of sorts!

The main way I like to spend this extra time indoors is doing pampering, at home spa sort of things. My first priority is being comfortable, wether that be wearing my softest joggers (only $10!) or fuzzy slippers (similar ones found on Poshmark) around the house. My second priority is making sure I keep my skin hydrated all winter long. I’m honestly terrible at using lotion year round, but when it comes to the winter time I can tell I really need it, especially now that I’m getting older. For particularly dry skin I use CeraVe (recommended to me by my dermatologist), but otherwise I like to use fun scents from Bath and Body Works. To unwind in the evenings, I light a candle and occasionally have a cup of chamomile tea.

This year I’ve also been trying to read before bead instead of watching a tv show since I haven’t been sleeping well. I haven’t been able to completely change my habit yet, but do notice a difference on the nights when I do read before bed. I haven’t made it to my library yet, so I’ve been reading fashion-y books that I’ve accumulated over the past couple of years. This book, The Dress by Megan Hess, has illustrations of iconic dresses and has a small paragraph with each one. It’s not super engaging (which I think I like lighter reading at night anyway), but it’s definitely one where I want to look at and read every page, so it works for me.

With having extra indoor time in the winter, it can be a great time to focus on DIY-ing a spectacular manicure. I love taking the time to catch up on my favorite shows while I sit and do my nails, plus it’s important to do something handsfree after so you don’t ruin your master piece.

Lastly, one of my absolute favorite indoor winter activities are using sugar scrubs and Korean face mask. I’m a bit of a collector of paper face mask, they’re so much easier to use then clay mask because of my scoliosis, so I try and buy Korean ones whenever I see them. The quality of the product never disappoints, no matter the random brand I buy. I have a five pack of The Creme Shop paper mask from TJ Maxx for acne and love them so far. I also started using a moisturizing sleep mask I bought from ASOS and love that I can put it on my face like lotion at night and for get about. Basically, I love any type of face mask that doesn’t involve rinsing.

As for a sugar scrub, I like to make my own. All you need is two part sugar for every one part oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a nice smell. I used a half cup of brown sugar, a quarter cup of coconut oil, and a few drops of cinnamon scented essential oil. If you use regular sugar you can use food coloring to change the color. Not only does it help keep dry winter skin at bay, but it also makes for a great DIY gift.


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