Nordstrom Sale Purchases

I wasn’t sure if I’d be writing this post when I tried on the items from my first order, and ended up keeping only one thing. But, I decided to order a few more things and found some keepers. Hopefully you find this post helpful and are able to read it before the last day of the sale on August 5th.

Disclaimer: I don’t really want to dwell on the bad, so I’ll just review the pieces I’m keeping and not the disappointments I’m mailing back. However, if you have questions on the items I didn’t review from my first order, please feel free to comment any questions on this post or my previous Nordstrom Sale post.

From my first order, I kept these grey ankle boots, one of the main items on my shopping list for the sale. I bought a size 5. I’m actually a size 4, but when it comes to boots I compromise and size up. If I didn’t I’d never find boots I like in my size. They run a half size small, so size up. The picture online makes them look like a warm grey, but they are more of a neutral grey in person, which I prefer. I really like that the suede wraps around the heel, I kind of hate it when heels don’t match the rest of the shoe. I like the cut at the ankle, they have just the right amount of length to them to show your socks but not too much so that it looks weird. They are also super comfortable, I can’t believe they still have all four colors with all sizes in stock!

With my other order I decided to take a gamble and try out some kids jeans and the Zella leggings everyones talking about.

I bought the girl’s Joe’s The Jegging Stretch Jeans in Baltic-Bat (dark wash) and Aquarius (light wash) in size 12. The dark wash ones run a tad small around the waist, but I love the snug fit around my legs. I’ve never been able to find skinny blue jeans that are actually skinny on me so these are amazing! The light wash ones are more true to size and fit around my waist better. The fit around my calfs isn’t quite as skinny as the darker wash, but they’re still skinnier than what I usually find, so I’m definitely keeping them. I’m pretty short, so they are both a bit long on me, but I was expecting this. I only have to cuff them twice, so as far as I can tell the length is normal. I’ll probably get them altered at some point because they only cost $18.90 (during the sale), so even with an alteration price they’re still a steal.

If you’ve been following me since last year’s sale, you’re probably wondering why I bought the Zella Live In High Waist Leggings again since last year’s didn’t work out. Honestly, I don’t know why, maybe I’m a little desperate to find a new pair of leggings that are actually skinny on me. When I tried on the leggings this year they seemed a little more fitted around my legs than last year’s. I bought an x-small this year, maybe I bought a small last year and that’s why the fit is different? I didn’t write my sizes down in last year’s post, so I’m not sure. They are of course a bit long on me, but once I cuffed the hem underneath (so you can’t really tell that they’re cuffed) they looked so much better. The high waist band is snug and a little difficult to pull on and off, but once it’s in place it feels fine.


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