My Sister Styles Me for a Week: Nails of the Week

This week I’m letting my sister style me for a week! To understand what a week of blogging means for me, you should know I typically follow two different formulas when it comes to scheduling my content. The first is a single cohesive week made up of one manicure and three outfit post. The second is a cohesive two weeks of one manicure and five outfit post, or sometimes four outfits and a stand alone post like a dress code or sale post. This helps me stay organized and insures that I will have a minimum three post a week turn out rate. We decided the one week system was best because she isn’t as familiar with my wardrobe, so she picked out my nail design and three outfits for me to wear.

My sister likes to get her nails done from time to time, and one of her favorite manicures this summer was a Sharpie marbled design. I was excited that she picked this manicure because I had never heard of Sharpie marbling before and really wanted to try it! I think for my very first attempt it turned out pretty good, so any amateur could do this at home. There are a few different techniques depending on the type of polish you use, because I use standard nail polish, I went with a more simplified process listed below.

To paint these nails, I first painted on 3 coats of white polish on my pinkies and pointer fingers, and 3 coats of pink on the rest.
Then I painted on a top coat on all of my nails.
Once dry, I drew some lines with a sharpie on my white nails.
Then I dipped a q-tip in acetone and carefully ran it along the sharpie lines to smear them.
Lastly, I painted on another layer of top coat on my now marbled nails to get rid of the matte finish the acetone created.

OPI Alpine Snow/Salon Perfect Georgia Peach, similar OPI Bubble Bath/Sharpie/q-tips/acetone


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