Outfit of the Day

In mid September I thought I had lost my favorite vintage necklace from my grandma, and after weeks of retracing my steps and turning my room upside down numerous times, I thought it was gone forever.

It was something I had planned to wear with this outfit that I came up with a year ago. I was, unfortunately, too sick to blog last fall. Besides having great sentimental value, the necklace’s floral, leafy design matches the embroidery on my tulle skirt and no other necklace of mine would work quite as well as this one does.

Embarrassingly enough, I found it on my necklace rack even though I’ve searched it a few times. I guess it blended in too well with all my other gold necklaces. I should probably clear out some of my necklaces, though I’ve already done that two times this year. But hey, at least I found my necklace the day before this photoshoot!

Brown hat from a local boutique, similar Vici Dolls urban chic hat/Vintage necklace/Forever 21 floral box clutch/Free People Electric City Pullover Sweater, similar Forever 21 ribbed open-knit sweater, & Forever 21 ribbed chenille sweater/Urban Outfitters sequin tulle skirt, somewhat similar ASOS stud detail tulle skater skirt, and Forever 21 sheer metal midi skirt/Urban Outfitters over the knee socks, similar Aerie over the knee pointless socks/Taupe ankle boots from a boutique, similar ASOS Design heeled ankle boots



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