Nails of the Week

As spring nears closer I’ve been drawn to simple nail designs, something I haven’t done in a few months, and went with a clean matte manicure. To paint this simple matte nails I started out by taping off the negative space on my ring fingers. Then painted light grey on all my nails. Once dry enough, I pealed off the tape. Then used a matte top coat on all of my nails, including the negative space on my ring fingers. After letting that dry a while I used my thinest nail tape to block out where I wanted to place my white stripes. I made a thicker line over the seam of grey nail polish, and two thinner stripes on either side.

Butter London Sterling, similar Butter London London Fog/Revlon Matte Top Coat/OPI Alpine Snow/Nail Art Striping Tape


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