“It’s October 3rd” – Cady


While planning out my Mean Girls looks to recreate, I knew I just had to recreate Cady’s men’s pink polo outfit. For those of you who may not know, Cady borrows a pink polo from her friend Damien so she’d have something to wear on Wednesday while sitting at the Mean Girls lunch table.

I re-watched the movie recently so I could take notes on the outfits I’d be recreating. For Cady’s outfit, she also wears her hair in a pony, her bracelet from Africa, dark wash jeans, and brown shoes. For this outfit, all I needed to buy was a men’s xs polo. Then I styled it with some dark wash jeans, a thick brown ponytail holder on my wrist in place of her brown bracelet, and converse instead of brown shoes (’cause let’s face it, those shoes were ugly).

To recreate the scene, I grabbed a business card I had lying around, and since I didn’t have a three ring binder I used this as an opportunity to have some fun with my props. My polo doesn’t have a green mascot on it (bought the wrong brand, oops), so grabbed a green Kate Spade book for that pop of green. I happened to have Ariana Grande’s version of the “burn book”, and knew there was no better outfit to work it in than this one where I needed to be holding school supplies.

Abercrombie & Fitch Men’s classic icon stretch polo in xs/Nordstrom Joe’s The Jegging Stretch Jeans (size 12 girls), similar Nordstrom Rack girls 7 For All ManKind skinny stretch jeans, Nordstrom women’s VIGOSS skinny jeans, & Nordstrom Rack women’s Joe’s Jeans mid rise ankle skinny jeans/Converse kid high-tops


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