“People like me don’t write books; we are written about” – Chuck Bass

When picking a second Gossip Girl character for an outfit re-creation, my mind immediately went to Chuck Bass. Yes, not Serena, nor Jenny, nor Lilly, Chuck Bass. Men’s wear inspired looks have been particularly big this fall, and I happened to have a lot of posh men’s wear inspired items already.  The key pieces I used for this look are a double-breasted blazer, button down shirt with a bow tie, and oxford shoes. The shirt and tie I have are meant to be tied in a pussy-bow (see item link), but I learned how to tie a windsor knot just for this look. Since Chuck is known for drinking scotch, I thought I’d pose with a glass of whiskey (my brown liquor of choice) to really help “set the scene” as it were.

Forever 21 double-breasted blazer, similar ASOS petite double breasted blazer, & ASOS Outrageous Fortune double breasted blazer/Forever 21 contrast tie-shirt, similar Shein contrast tie neck shirt/Nordstrom girls Joe’s high waist skinny jeans (wearing size 12), similar Nordstrom girl’s Joe’s mid rise jeans, and women’s Levi’s high rise supper skinny jeans/Forever 21 oxfords, similar Just Fab oxfords, Aldo oxfords, & ASOS oxfords


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