Outfit of the Day

I’ve always wanted to take an outfit picture using balloons as a prop so I decided I’d finally give it a shot on my birthday! Because I wanted to post this the same day it was taken, the shoot was rushed over the noon hour, so maybe I’ll get a chance for a re-take before I go out to dinner…
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Outfit of the Day

Wearing a Francesca’s blouse with a tank I bought at a local boutique on Black Friday, boots from the same boutique, & some old Banana Republic over-the-knee socks rolled down a few times.

Outfit of the Day

I wore this to a wedding rehearsal dinner Friday night. The dress is from a local boutique (sorry no link) with an old Bohme necklace & my favorite booties. For the actual wedding I re-wore this.

Black Friday

So I’ve been posting about things I bought before & after Black Friday. But you’re probably wondering if I did any actual shopping on Black Friday. The answer is yes. I shopped a bit of the day away with my mom & sister, but I only ended up buying one thing, a tank with cute lace around the hem from my favorite boutique in town. I feel like the Black Friday sales & other holiday sales have been pretty comparable, at least for me since I didn’t need to buy a tv or computer.

The sad thing about the day was that I was about the only one shopping at my favorite local boutiques Friday morning. I think a lot of people went into the city to shop at the mall. 😦

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