Outfit of the Day

I had my first big outing since being sick in the hospital over Labor Day weekend and went to the state fair on Sunday! (Confession, I actually wore this outfit a few days before when I went out for coffee with a friend. I didn’t know for sure if I’d have Labor Day plans beyond coffee.)

I wasn’t quite better enough to go on any rides, bouncing around in my wheelchair on gravel-y terrain and popping wheelies over cables was more then enough strain for one outing (for now at least). I did however eat fair food, tried my first rolled ice cream 😋, “walked” around the grounds, saw an animal show, and scoped out where I would take my outfit pictures. A carousel was obviously the first choice on my list. Ideally I would have taken my pictures while the ride wasn’t in use, but of course when I walked up to it the ride was just starting (it was also a hot day and I wasn’t going to stand around hoping for a good shot after). Luckily the crowd of kids was pretty light so I was able to get a few options with minimal photobombing. My other choice was the ferris wheel, one that I probably should have rethought since the layout didn’t provide a Santa Monica Pier vibe I was hoping for (and the ride itself wasn’t as cute and colorful as I’d hoped). Kind of wishing I stood in front of a cute food stand instead. I saw a cute pink one selling some kind of dessert but just didn’t stop.

These Guess (kids) jeans are from one of a few shopping splurges I went on while I was sick, so now that I’m feeling better enough to blog I’ll have a few new goodies to show ya. They were on sale when I got them but it looks like they’re back to full price, I think they’re still worth it though. They remind me of the Zara pearl embellished mom jeans that were popular at the beginning of the summer except these actually fit me (when I tuck in the released hem) and look so much cuter!

Lace blouse from a local boutique (tag says Maronie), very similar (in silhouette) Missguided lace drop hem top, and somewhat similar ASOS lace insert tank top, Nordstrom Rack Karen Kane lace tank, Nordstrom Karen Kane lace high low top, & Nordstrom Rack Vince Camuto floral mesh blouse/Guess Kids destroyed rhinestone skinny jeans, very similar women’s Boohoo pearl embellished skinny jeans, and similar ASOS pearl embellished jeans, ASOS mom jeans w/ pearl detail and exposed zip, & True Religion embellished boyfriend jeans/White sandals, somewhat similar Boohoo barely there heels, Boohoo wide fit two part heel, Missguided rounded strap barely there heels, Missguided lace up barely there heeled sandals, & Steve Madden feelya sandal


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