Nails of the Week

It’s cooled off some this week so I ended up pulling out some black a grey pieces (my typical winter colors) for this weeks ootds. To compliment the looks but still keep a lightness for the first week of spring, I decided to do a simple negative space manicure.
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Nails of the Week

For these matte & shinny black & gold nails I first painted my nails black.
Then used my matte top coat.
Once that is completely dry, I used my straight french tip manicure stickers from my Sally Hansen kit to block off the black areas & make stripes for the gold.
Then I took off just the bottom stickers to use shinny top coat for the tips.
For the ring finger I also took off the sticker second from the base to use shinny top coat.
Once the shinny top coat is almost completely dry (if it dries all the way the stickers might get to stiff to pull off) you can pull off all of the stickers.

Nails of the Week

As promised, here are my nails I painted on Valentine’s Day. I used a cute baby pink as my base. Mine is pretty sheer, so it took four coats to get an opaque pink. Then I used my Butter London gold glitter polish Stratford Honey at the ends of my pinky & pointer fingers, working my way up a little with the next two coats to create a gradient. Lastly, I used top coat to attach two caviar beads at the base of my middle two fingers & thumb.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I’m starting to feel a little better today so I’m finally painting my nails for Valentine’s Day. Like my past few Valentine’s Day’s I plan to have a little spa day. Just stay inside where it’s warm, do a facial, paint my nails, & treat myself to  a cute little bottle of pink moscato (& dark chocolate of course).

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