Nails of the Week

Spring is finally really starting to stick around so I’m happy to say I can finally dress for spring here in the Midwest. Hello to lighter weight clothes and a light, fresh color palette.

With Easter coming up, I knew I wanted a simple manicure for the week before so I’d hopefully be able to put more effort in my Easter manicure.

I used a Nailtini cream/off-white color called Frappe as my base. It’s a color I’ve had for years and years, and it’s finally running out right when I realize it’s a great basic base color. Note to self: I definitely need to find out if I can re-purchase this color. Anyway, I used some gold and clear nail decals/stickers like I did for Christmas. I just made one mistake, I got a little lazy and didn’t use a top coat so the tiny delicate details of this design washed off in about a day. Oops. At least they lasted long enough to take all my outfit pictures.


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